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Putha Hiunchuli Expedition

Putha Hiunchuli Expedition

Overview And Highlights

Key Information


35 Days



Best Season:

March, April, May and September, October

Maximum altitude



Tea house / Camping


car / flight

Nestled in the majestic Himalayas, Putha Hiunchuli stands tall as one of Nepal's prized peaks, offering an exhilarating challenge to adventurers and mountaineers. Situated in the remote reaches of the Dhaulagiri massif, this imposing peak beckons the brave-hearted to undertake an expedition that promises both awe-inspiring beauty and a rigorous test of mountaineering prowess.

Understanding Putha Hiunchuli

At an elevation of 7,246 meters (23,773 feet), Putha Hiunchuli, translating to "White Mountain" in Nepali, is the westernmost peak in the Dhaulagiri range. Despite its awe-inspiring beauty, this mountain remains lesser-known compared to its more famous neighbors, which adds to its allure for those seeking uncharted adventures.

The Expedition Experience

Embarking on a Putha Hiunchuli expedition is a venture into the heart of Nepal's untouched wilderness. The journey typically begins in Kathmandu, where climbers make preparations, gather supplies, and finalize permits before venturing into the remote district of Dolpa, an area famed for its natural splendor.

The expedition typically encompasses a trek through lush forests, serene villages, and rugged terrains, eventually leading to the mountain's base camp. As climbers ascend, they are greeted by stunning vistas of snow-capped peaks, serene valleys, and a myriad of diverse landscapes.

Challenges and Preparations

Putha Hiunchuli's ascent presents formidable challenges, including technical ice and rock climbing, extreme weather conditions, and altitude-related risks. Mountaineers must undergo rigorous physical training and acclimatization to cope with the thin air at high altitudes. A combination of strength, endurance, and technical expertise is necessary for a successful ascent.

Prior experience in high-altitude mountaineering and familiarity with using climbing gear and safety equipment are crucial prerequisites. Working with experienced guides and support teams is highly recommended to navigate the complexities of the route and ensure safety throughout the expedition.

Best Time for the Expedition

The ideal time for a Putha Hiunchuli expedition is during the post-monsoon season from September to November. This period offers relatively stable weather conditions and clearer skies, providing a conducive environment for climbing.

Preserving the Environment

With a growing emphasis on responsible tourism, preserving the delicate Himalayan ecosystem is of paramount importance. Climbers are encouraged to adhere to the principles of Leave No Trace, minimizing their environmental impact by practicing proper waste disposal and respecting local customs and wildlife.

Conquering Putha Hiunchuli is not just about reaching the summit; it's about experiencing the raw, untouched beauty of the Himalayas. The expedition tests the physical and mental limits of climbers while rewarding them with breathtaking vistas and a profound sense of achievement.

For adventure seekers and mountaineering enthusiasts, Putha Hiunchuli stands as an emblem of the untamed, beckoning those who dare to explore and conquer its heights.

Embark on this thrilling journey, prepare for the challenges, and witness the splendor of Putha Hiunchuli—where the sky meets the earth, and the human spirit touches the heavens.


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Arrival Kathmandu, transfer to hotel


Briefing in the tourist department –hotel


Fly to Nepalgunj and transfer to hotel


Fly to Juphal and trek to Dunai - camping


Trek Dunai to Tarakot village and camp


Trek Tarakot – Musikhola and camping


Trek Musikhola – Kagkot and camping


Trek Kagkot - Yak Kharka and camping


Trek Yak Kharka – Phedi and camping


Trek Phedi - Putha base camp camping


Climbing Mt. Putha Hiunchuli


Trek Putha B.C. - Yak kharka –camping


Trek Yak Kharka to Kagkot village-camp


Trek Kagkot to Musi Khola & their camp


Trek Musi Khola to Tarako village camp


Trek Tarakot to Dunai/Juphal Lodge/hotel


Fly to Nepalgunj to Kathmandu and hotel


Free day in Kathmandu, Nepal, and hotel



What Is Included ?

Note: The expedition cost will be varied depending on the group size duration of days and services required please contact us via our email with your details to obtain a quote.

  • Putha Hiunchuli Expedition4 nights 3-star hotel in Kathmandu with bed and breakfast
  • hotel in Nepalgunj, bed, and breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Fly Kathmandu-Nepalgunja–Dolpa –Nepalgunja Kathmandu
  • Expedition staff; BC guide, cook, kitchen boy, and porter
  • 1 tent for 2 climbers in trekking-1tent-1climber in base camp
  • Dining tent, toilet tent, and table and chair, kitchen tent in BC 
  • Per person, 30 kg load is carried till to Putha Hiunchuli Base camp
  • Per person, 30 kg load carry trekking Dunai to Dunai
  • Climbing permit for mount Putha Hiunchuli 7,246 meters
  • Life, medical insurance for expedition staff and Liaison officer
  • Oxygen for emergency use-satellite phone pay call system 
  • Solar panel for batteries charge and lighting in base camp
  • Welcome dinner with Himalayan Adventure Intl Treks staff in Kathmandu

What Is Excluded?

  • Bar and beverage bills expedition 
  • Tips for expedition Nepali staff
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
  • Emergency helicopter rescue
  • Summit bonus for guide USD 500
  • Garbage deposit USD 500 (Sharing of the total climber) and the deposit fee will be not refunded if the climbers don’t take back their garbage to B.C.and Kathmandu

Putha Hiunchuli Expedition Altitude Profile

Additional Information

S/No Particular

  •  Ice crews
  •  Fix rope
  •  snow bars
  •  EPI gas
  •  Rock piton
  •  Carabiners (normal)
  •  High tent
  •  Summit rope
  •  Cooking pot
  •  Snow shovel
  •  Ice hammer / adge (set)
  •  Member high food
  •  Oxygen
  •  Mask and regulator
  •  Quick Draws

S/No Particular Qty

  •  Down suits (dangri) -1
  •  Summit shoe- 1
  •  Walking shoe -1
  •  Crampon -1
  •  Summit Glove (Mitten) -1
  •  Normal gloves- 2
  •  Summit Snow goggles- 1
  •  Glacier glasses -1
  •  Ice axe -1
  •  Harness -1
  •  jumer- 1
  •  Carabiners (normal)- 3
  •  Sleeping bag (-40C) -1
  •  Down filled Mattress- 1
  •  Summit socks -2
  •  Normal socks -3
  •  Climbing bag (40 LTR)- 1
  •  Helmet- 1
  •  Down jacket -1
  •  Down trouser- 1
  •  8 fingers / descender- 1
  •  Headlamp (Icon or Spot) 1
  •  Gore-tex jacket -1
  •  Gore-tex trouser -1
  •  Fleece jacket- 1
  •  Fleece trouser- 1
  •  Fleece liner gloves- 3
  •  Screw Gate Carabiner- 1
  •  Balaclava (wind stopper) -1
  •  Thermos bottle -1
  •  Base layer (woolen) -2 (set)
  •  Water bottle normal -1

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