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26th Aug, 2022


Himalayan Adventure Intl Treks and Expedition provide you with the best quality of Services for our guest to serve them at a high level that is what makes us today Himalayan Adventure Intl Trek and Expedition so we can compromise with guest as per demanding accommodations in the city and also another part of Trekking.  We have been providing nice comfortable hotels in Kathmandu and even normal guest house according to the guest's demands and need. During the trek, we provide a standard Guest House with a good environment and hygienic and organic food for the guest to make their trip happen and healthy. Being one of the most enjoyable destinations in the world Annapurna region collects lots of tourists. So, there will always be better Lodge and facilities in Annapurna & Everest Region rest of the Trekking destination will normal and sometimes needs camping as well.

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We get Delicious food, especially in the city areas, especially in Katmandu, Pokhara Valley. We have a lot of restaurants of different types in the city but during the trek, we get to eat from Continental and Nepali menus especially choices like Spaghetti, Pizza, Salad, and Mo. Mo, soup items, Potato items, Dal Bhat, hot drinks Tea & Coffee, etc.

Our Team:

Being the homeland of the Himalayas, it’s obvious to have challenging routes, High altitude problems, Weather, and other conditions; any of those situations is big enough to ruin your trip. Leading around the steep hills and rocky routes is not a job of common climbers and trekkers. Himalayan Adventure Intl treks and expeditions have been providing native leaders and staff working in this field perfectly for long years to overcome tough challenges and make your trip a golden memory. They are trained and well-certified by the Government of Nepal. All of our staff have received emergency guidance in the Himalayas and have knowledge of First Aid for our guests. We never compromise giving safety to our staff; therefore we provide insurance and medical services during the trek and compensation when they need especially to Porters, Kitchen members, and others.

Guide and Porter:

We are very much concerned about the comfort of our guests and whenever it is about the staff in the field. When we are on trek trekking through challenging routes we need a proper number of workers like guides, Porter, Assistance guides, Camping members, and other staff. We provide 1 assistance guide with every 4 - 6 guests and 2 assistance guides with 15 guests. We do need strong and portable Porters to carry our weights, we provide 1 porter for 2 guests depending on guest stuff and we allow only 25 kg for porters. We have professional and expert Mountain guides, Leaders, and City tour guides in the city who can speak proper English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other requirements. We can also manage any other staff as per your demand.      


We believe equipment does matter to make your trip easy and comfortable. Caring excessive quantity of equipment doesn't make your adventure more interesting but the drawback. So, we request you to carry only selected and needed ones and save your extra expenses for other needs in the trek though we have our potential porters. Warm Clothes, Down Jacket, Trousers, T-shirt, Hiking boots, Sun glass, Sun cream, Knife, Walking Steak, day backpack, Head Light, Sleeping Bag, etc. These are the equipment that you must carry during the trek.


Trekking socks, comfortable Trekking trousers, T-shirts short sleeves, Thermal underwear, Jacket lightweight, one heavier Easily drying long-sleeved base layer shirts, woolen cap, shoes, pair trekking pants. Gloves, etc. depend on your Adventure trek.

Outer layers:

Down Jacket, wind/Waterproof jacket and pants, warm hat, headband, lightweight thermal, pair gloves, down jacket, Pair trekking boots, pair down booties Great for keeping feet warm in the room and while sleeping and for in the lodge. Pair flip flops etc.

Safety and Security:

Security is our primary concern from your beginning day we will be there to pick you up with our staff and identity to departure date (airport drop services) we are always there to help you. We have proper remedial services during the trek with professional staff, a first aid kit, oxygen bag, and Helicopter service for emergency rescue whenever trekkers get physical Loss or altitude sickness. We have focused more on acclimatization days to get rid of altitude sickness too.

Best Season for Trekking in Nepal:

Autumn (August to November) and spring (March to May) is the best trekking season for trekkers and mountaineering in Nepal.  The weather is mostly clear and the temperature is moderate which offers beautiful views without any obstruction. Spring collects beautiful flowers, plants, and rare animals Walking is also very much suitable during this season. 

Summer (June - August) and winter (December - February). Though summer collects heavy monsoon rainfall it is very much clear to trek around upper MustangDolpo, and Naar- Phu valley since they are rain shadow areas.  Tibet is a much more favorable trek. Everest, Langtang, and Annapurna are always comfortable to trek even in the winter season.

Experience and Fitness:

Trekking in Nepal for Annapurna Sunrise View Trek does not require past experience, though we have the challenging route in Annapurna our itinerary suggests walking comfortable distances. Trekking in the Himalayas always takes us to challenge altitudes and rocky routes and demands proper rest time and acclimatization to sustain our strength. We always have both listed properly in our itinerary. However certain training like Running, Skipping, and other workouts will definitely help you in roots. 


Altitude sickness is a significant risk when trekking on any trails above about 3,000 m. However good health, proper care, and drinking plenty of water will definitely help you to prevent altitude sickness. Every trekker needs to be familiar with the height so, for this, we have life-saving acclimatization days during the trek, peak climbing, and expedition. We also provide certain medical support for your relief and emergency rescue through helicopter whenever guests require it.

Eco Friendly: 

We only leave footprints! Himalayan Adventure Intl Treks and Expedition is very concerned agency on environmental pollution and Global Warming. We are always serious and genuine towards our garbage during the trek, especially in the Camping type. We collect all the rubbish and deposit it in the proper place to protect our environment. We also partake in every program conducted by KEEP Kathmandu Environmental Education Project. We also suggest all travelers protect our environment and stop Global Warming. 

Helping Hand:

Profit-oriented is not only our priority! We have been helping some of our villagers from different corners of Nepal to sustain their social life and help them with education and required materials. We are always looking forward to interested candidates in this field giving a helping hand to support and inspire them for a better beginning and a good future. If you are interested please contact us: at they really need us, Support us to be their Helping Hand.

Tailor-Made Program:

Himalayan Adventure Intl Treks and Expedition have a tailor-made program for any kind of Trek / Tours in Nepal. days in the itinerary are always flexible and can be increased or decreased depending on your vacation and time schedule. Trekking in all regions around the Himalayan goes through unexpected complications like natural and health challenges resulting chances in the itinerary for your security during the trek by our professional guides and leader to take you to the final point safe and sound so, please cooperate with your guide for your protection.

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