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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Himalayan Adventure Intl Trek and Expedition: Terms and Conditions for Unforgettable Journeys

Embarking on a journey with Himalayan Adventure Intl Trek and Expedition (P) Ltd is more than just a trek; it's an immersive experience in the heart of the Himalayas. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable adventure, it is crucial for both 'The Client' and 'The Company' to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined below.

(A) Bookings
Once the details of the program or trip have been mutually agreed upon, encompassing services, dates, and prices, 'The Client' is required to complete and sign the booking/agreement form provided by 'The Company.' This serves as a commitment from both parties to embark on the adventure together.

(B) Payments
To secure a place on the program, 'The Client' is required to make a deposit of 10% of the total amount per person, with the exact amount to be agreed upon. The confirmation of 'The Client's' place on the program is confirmed upon the receipt of this deposit. The balance, constituting the total cost, is due no later than 60 days before the scheduled departure.

Payment methods accepted include bank transfer, credit card, Western Union, or cash. It is important to note that bank charges will be passed on to 'The Client' at cost, and payments made by credit card incur an additional 4% charge.

Failure to provide the balance by the agreed-upon date gives 'The Company' the right to cancel the booking, and the deposit will be forfeited unless an alternative date is mutually agreed upon.

(C) Cancellation
Trip canceled by The Company:
In the event that there are not enough participants for a fixed departure, 'The Client' will be offered an alternative trip at least 4 weeks prior to departure or receive a full refund according to their preference. 'The Company' is not liable for additional losses incurred by 'The Client,' such as connecting flights.

Trip canceled by The Client:
In case 'The Client' decides to cancel the trip, 100% of the deposit will be forfeited.

(D) Change of Itinerary
By The Company:
Any changes proposed by 'The Company' will be discussed with 'The Client.' If the proposed changes are not acceptable, 'The Client' may cancel, and both the deposit and fee will be returned. If 'The Client' chooses not to cancel, any reasonable extra costs will be borne by 'The Company' or shared, as agreed in advance.

By The Client:
If 'The Client' wishes to change the itinerary, feasibility will be assessed, and extra costs will be agreed upon in advance and invoiced accordingly.

(E) Insurance
'The Company' reserves the right to cancel any trip if 'The Client' does not have suitable insurance, including coverage for helicopter evacuation in case of illness or accident.

(F) Complaints
In the rare event of dissatisfaction, 'The Client' is encouraged to inform the group leader/guide on-site. If the issue persists, direct contact should be made with the Marketing/Operations Manager and/or 'The Company' M.D. In case of unresolved issues, a written complaint should be submitted to 'The Company' M.D. If a satisfactory resolution is still not achieved, both parties should agree on a third-party arbitrator acceptable to both.

The terms and conditions are subject to and governed by Nepalese jurisdiction, and tours to Tibet strictly adhere to regulations set by the Tibet Tourism Authority.

(G) Health and Vaccinations
The responsibility for ensuring fitness to join the adventure rests with 'The Client.' Experience is crucial, and 'The Company' emphasizes the importance of adequate health and vaccinations.

Himalayan Adventure Intl Trek and Expedition (P) Ltd is more than just a trekking agency; it's a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to providing unparalleled adventure travel experiences in the Himalayas. With a focus on safety, quality, and client satisfaction, the company strives to make every journey a memorable and enriching experience.


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