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Binod Karki
Himalayan Partner Treks

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Our Teams

Mr. Binod Karki

Managing Director

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"From Basa Village to Summit Success: The Inspiring Journey of Binod Karki, Founder of Himalayan Adventure International"

In the heart of the Everest region, amidst the towering peaks and pristine landscapes, a visionary named Binod Karki emerged from the humble village of Basa in the Solukhumbu district. His journey, intricately woven with the threads of mountains and nature, led him to become the Managing Director and Founder of Himalayan Adventure International, a company that echoes his passion for trekking and climbing.

Binod's story is one of grit, determination, and an unyielding love for the mountains that shaped his character and fueled his aspirations. Born and raised in Basa, a village nestled in the shadows of Everest, Binod's childhood was a unique blend of everyday life and extraordinary experiences. His father, a seasoned porter, became his first mentor, introducing him to the world of hiking and instilling in him the values of hard work and perseverance.

From these early days, Binod's connection with the mountains deepened. The majestic peaks became his playground, and the trails his classroom. As he assisted his father as a porter, he not only carried loads but also carried the seeds of a dream that would later sprout into Himalayan Adventure International.

Binod's journey in the world of trekking and climbing began as an assistant guide. The trails that he once traversed as a curious child now became the paths to his professional growth. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and skills led him to participate in trekking and climbing adventures, gradually earning him the status of a seasoned trekking and tour guide.

With a decade of rich experience in the field, Binod's passion outgrew the roles of guide and adventurer. The desire to create a unique space in the trekking and climbing domain led him to establish Himalayan Adventure International. The company stands as a testament to Binod's commitment to providing authentic and immersive experiences to adventurers seeking the thrill of the Himalayas.

Himalayan Adventure International, under Binod's leadership, has become a trusted name for those who crave the raw beauty and challenges of the mountains. The company not only offers trekking and climbing expeditions in Nepal but has also extended its reach to the mystical land of Tibet. Binod's vision goes beyond just leading groups up the peaks; it involves fostering a deep appreciation for the natural wonders and cultural richness that surround the Himalayas.

What sets Himalayan Adventure International apart is not just the thrill of the climb, but the personalized touch that Binod brings to each expedition. His intimate knowledge of the terrain, coupled with a genuine love for the culture and people of the region, ensures that every journey is a transformative experience.

Binod Karki's journey from Basa Village to the summit of the trekking and climbing industry is an inspiration to all aspiring adventurers. It speaks volumes about the profound connection between a person and their roots, and how that connection can shape not only an individual but also an entire company. Himalayan Adventure International, born out of Binod's passion, stands as a gateway for those who seek not just adventure but a profound connection with the awe-inspiring Himalayan landscape.

Mr. Nagendra Phuyal

Trekking/Tour Guide

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Nagendra Phuyal: A Himalayan Trailblazer and Expert Trekking Guide

Nepal, a country blessed with breathtaking landscapes and majestic mountains, has long been a haven for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. Among the vast array of trekking trails that weave through this Himalayan paradise, the Dudhkund Trekking Trail in the Solukhumbu District stands out as a gem. Mr. Nagendra Phuyal, a seasoned trekking and hiking guide with Himalayan Adventure Intl Treks, hails from this very region, adding a personal touch to the exploration of Nepal's cultural and mountainous wonders.

Early Roots in Dudhkund Trekking Trail:

Born and raised in the lap of the Dudhkund Trekking Trail, Nagendra Phuyal's affinity for the mountains began at a young age. Solukhumbu District, renowned for its cultural mountain tourism, provided the perfect backdrop for his childhood exploration. His formative years were spent navigating the challenging yet enchanting trails that wind through this region, laying the foundation for a lifelong connection to the world of trekking.

A Journey from Porter to Expert Guide:

Nagendra's journey in the field of tourism commenced with humble roles as a porter and cook. As he gained invaluable experience trekking through the diverse landscapes of Nepal, he honed his skills and evolved into a proficient trekking guide. His progression from porter to guide is a testament to his dedication, passion, and intimate knowledge of the terrain.

Expertise in High-altitude Treks:

Mr. Nagendra Phuyal's expertise extends beyond the Dudhkund Trekking Trail. He has successfully conquered some of Nepal's most iconic and challenging high-altitude treks, including the Mt. Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, and the Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek. His track record boasts multiple successful ascents of treks exceeding 5000 meters, showcasing his resilience and competence in navigating the Himalayan terrain.

Thrilling Adventures and Trail Exploration:

Nagendra's adventurous spirit has led him to explore the lesser-trodden paths of Nepal. He has conquered thrilling adventures like the formidable Mt. Makalu Serpani Col, the mesmerizing Manaslu Circuit Trek, the remote Dolpo region, the picturesque Langtang region, the mystic Mustang, and the challenging trails of Rolwaling. His extensive knowledge of these diverse landscapes makes him a valuable asset for trekkers seeking a unique and authentic experience.

Diligence and Achievements:

As one of the diligent staff at Himalayan Adventure Intl Treks, Nagendra Phuyal stands out for his unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of his clients. His achievements include not only summiting iconic peaks but also fostering a deep appreciation for Nepal's natural beauty and cultural richness among those who embark on treks under his guidance.

In conclusion, Mr. Nagendra Phuyal's journey from a native of the Dudhkund Trekking Trail to an expert trekking guide is a testament to the transformative power of the mountains. His wealth of experience, coupled with a genuine love for his homeland, ensures that every trek led by him becomes a memorable and enriching adventure through the heart of the Himalayas.

Mr.Ghatta Raj Khadka

Adventure Trekking Guide

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"Ghatta Raj Khadka: A Journey from Porter to the Pinnacle of Himalayan Adventure"

In the heart of Solukhumbu, amidst the towering peaks of the Himalayas, a remarkable figure emerged, shaping his destiny in the rugged terrains of Nepal. Ghatta Raj Khadka, a man born in Solukhumbu, has become a beacon of kindness and honesty as an Adventure Trekking guide with Himalayan Adventure Intl Treks. Since the inception of the company, he has been an indispensable part, leaving an indelible mark with his unwavering commitment and responsible demeanor on the mountainside.

Ghatta Raj Khadka's journey in the world of adventure trekking is nothing short of inspiring. Having successfully conquered the challenging trails of the Dolpo region, Serpani Col trekking, Upper Mustang Saribung Trekking, Rolwaling, and the iconic Everest Base Camp trekking, he has amassed a wealth of experience in the diverse landscapes of Nepal. His adventures are a testament to his passion for exploring the untouched beauty of the Himalayas.

One of Ghatta Raj Khadka's distinguishing features is his extensive training under the Nepal Tourism Board. His commitment to safety and well-being is reflected in his proficiency in First Aid and mountain safety protocols. Himalayan Adventure Intl Treks places great emphasis on professionalism and ensures that their guides are not only experienced but also well-prepared for any challenges that may arise during treks.

Beyond the realm of trekking, Ghatta Raj Khadka is taking his dedication to the next level by enrolling in courses focused on culture and religion. Recognizing the importance of understanding and respecting the local customs, he seeks to enhance the cultural experience for the trekkers under his guidance.

Ghatta Raj Khadka's story is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and passion. Starting in the field at a young age as a porter and assistant guide, he gradually ascended the ranks to become a highly successful trekking guide. His journey exemplifies the spirit of continuous learning and growth, as he continues to share his wealth of experiences with his colleagues and clients.

In the vast tapestry of Nepal's adventure tourism, Ghatta Raj Khadka stands out not only as a seasoned guide but also as a compassionate individual who takes on the responsibility of ensuring the safety and satisfaction of those who entrust him with their Himalayan adventures. His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring trekkers and a reminder of the extraordinary possibilities that unfold when one follows their passion in the majestic landscapes of the Himalayas.

Ramesh Karki (French Guide)

Adventure Trekking Guide

More Details

Bienvenue dans le monde de l'aventure et de la découverte ! Je m'appelle Ramesh Karki, et je suis né dans l'est du Népal, à proximité de l'emblématique montagne de l'Everest. Mon lien avec cette majestueuse région m'a naturellement conduit à embrasser une carrière en tant que guide de voyage et de trek.

Depuis 2008, j'ai eu le privilège de partager ma passion pour la nature, la culture et l'aventure avec des voyageurs du monde entier. Ma spécialité réside dans l'accompagnement de francophones, permettant ainsi une expérience de voyage riche et immersive pour tous mes clients.

Permettez-moi de me présenter brièvement. Je suis né en 1983, et depuis lors, j'ai consacré ma vie à explorer les merveilles de la région himalayenne. Mon numéro de permis, le 5273, atteste de mon engagement et de ma qualification en tant que guide de confiance. La satisfaction de mes clients est ma priorité, et je m'efforce constamment de rendre chaque voyage inoubliable.

Mon parcours en tant que guide francophone a été des plus enrichissants. La langue française est devenue un pont culturel, me permettant de partager non seulement les beautés naturelles de cette région, mais aussi la richesse de son histoire et de sa tradition. Les échanges avec mes clients francophones ont créé des liens durables, et c'est avec fierté que je continue à représenter cette merveilleuse partie du monde.

Au fil des ans, j'ai eu l'occasion de guider des voyageurs à travers des sentiers pittoresques, des villages authentiques et des sommets majestueux. Chaque pas est une aventure, chaque rencontre est une opportunité d'apprendre et de partager. Le Népal, avec sa diversité géographique et culturelle, offre une expérience unique à chaque visiteur.

Je suis reconnaissant de pouvoir vivre ma passion au quotidien, et je suis déterminé à continuer à offrir des expériences de voyage exceptionnelles à ceux qui choisissent de découvrir cette terre exceptionnelle avec moi. Mon engagement envers le tourisme responsable et durable guide chacun de mes pas, assurant ainsi que les générations futures pourront également profiter de la splendeur de cette région.

Merci beaucoup à tous ceux qui ont partagé ces voyages avec moi depuis 2008. Chaque aventure est une leçon, chaque client est une inspiration, et je suis impatient de continuer cette belle aventure avec de nouveaux visages et de nouvelles histoires à découvrir.

Au plaisir de vous accueillir dans l'Himalaya et de partager ensemble des moments inoubliables.

Mere Karki

Marketing Manager

More Details

Our Marketing Manager Mere Karki was born in Solukhumbu distrct, Everest region, he started his trekking carrier since 1992. He has vast knowledge of trekking, mountain, adventure passes, further more he has some knowledges of Nepalese culture and monuments. He is the man who has three sort lisences : Like trekking, Mountain and expedition, and cultural tour lisences.

Mere's deep-rooted understanding of trekking intricacies, mountain dynamics, and adventure routes is unparalleled. His passion for exploration has taken him through the most rugged terrains, honing his skills and enriching his understanding of the natural world.

Beyond his mastery of adventure tourism, Mere possesses a profound appreciation for Nepalese culture and heritage. His insights into local customs, traditions, and monuments add a unique dimension to his tours, providing travelers with an enriching cultural experience alongside their adventures.

What truly sets Mere apart is his remarkable versatility and dedication to his craft. Holding not one, but three coveted licenses—trekking, mountain expedition, and cultural tour—Mere embodies the epitome of professionalism and proficiency in the field.

With Mere Karki at the helm, every journey becomes an unforgettable odyssey, blending adrenaline-pumping thrills with cultural immersion. Whether scaling towering peaks or traversing ancient pathways, Mere's guidance ensures an experience that transcends expectations, leaving indelible memories for all who embark on his adventures.
Mere Karki
Managing Director
Himalayan Adventure Intl Pvt Ltd
Kathmandu, Nepal
Mob: +9779762248644


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